First i write manually update, delete, insert and select query and execute data with mysql_query function

Like this:

Select query

$prefix = $wpdb->prefix;
$postSql = "SELECT DISTINCT post_id
            FROM " . $prefix . "postmeta As meta
            Inner Join " . $prefix . "posts As post
            On post.ID = meta.post_id
            Where post_type = 'product' 
            And post_status = 'publish'
            And meta_key Like '%product_img%'";
$postQry = mysql_query($postSql);
while ($postRow = mysql_fetch_array($postQry)) {
     $post_id = $postRow['post_id'];

Insert Query

$insert_images = "Insert Into " . $prefix . "postmeta(post_id,meta_key,meta_value) Value('$post_id','$meta_key','$data_serialize')";

Update Query:

$update_price = "Update " . $prefix . "postmeta
                         Set meta_key = 'wpc_product_price'
                         Where post_id = $supportMetaID
                         And meta_key Like '%product_price%'";

Delete Query

mysql_query("Delete From " . $prefix . "postmeta Where meta_key IN ('product_img1','product_img2','product_img3')");

All queries are working perfectly ... but now i want to embed all queries in wordpress queries.

I can also use wordpress queries like

$wpdb->get_results( "SELECT id, name FROM mytable" );
        'column1' => 'value1', 
        'column2' => 123 
        'column1' => 'value1',  // string
        'column2' => 'value2'   // integer (number) 
    array( 'ID' => 1 )
$wpdb->delete( 'table', array( 'ID' => 1 ) );

But you can see that i use and / or conditions in my queries. So any body help me how can i embed my queries in wordpress

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    WordPress offers $wpdb Class for doing all those. But a query like the first one can easily be achieved with WP_Query() with less effort. May 5, 2015 at 8:18

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I have made a function for myself, and might help you too, i.e. :

UPDATE_OR_INSERT('wp_users',  array('gender'=>'female'), array('name'=>'Monika') );

that will UPDATE A VALUE in column (where name=monika), but in case that value doesnt exists, then it creates a new record in DB.
Why this is necessary? because As far as i know, there is no sophisticated WP function, that will update data in DB (if value exists) or inserts data (if not exists). Instead, we use : $wpdb->update() or $wpdb->insert(). So, use that function, it helps:

function UPDATE_OR_INSERT($tablename, $NewArray, $WhereArray){          global $wpdb; $arrayNames= array_keys($WhereArray);
    //convert array to STRING
    $o=''; $i=1; foreach ($WhereArray as $key=>$value){ $o .= $key . ' = \''. $value .'\''; if ($i != count($WhereArray)) { $o .=' AND '; $i++;}  }
    //check if already exist
    $CheckIfExists = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT ".$arrayNames[0]." FROM ".$tablename." WHERE ".$o);
    if (!empty($CheckIfExists))  { return $wpdb->update($tablename, $NewArray,  $WhereArray );}
    else                         { return $wpdb->insert($tablename,     array_merge($NewArray, $WhereArray) );  } 

Update Query:

$table = $wpdb->prefix . 'tablename';

$wpdb->update( $table_name, array( 'role_id' => 1),array('user_id'=>$user_id));

Delete Query:

$wpdb->delete( $table, array( 'id' => $id ) );

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