Trying to fix a plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/gravatarlocalcache/ not mine) which broke on the 4.2 update.

The plugin makes a locally cached version of Gravatar.com avatars.

Plugin hasn't been updated recently (current version 1.1.2) and looks abandoned, so though I've posted in the WordPress support forum, doubt I'll get a fix from the plugin author.

Tracked the issue down to WordPress 4.2 (works in 4.1), but don't know why.

The plugin makes a local copy of Gravatar.com avatar images using

$_tmp = download_url(str_replace(utf8_encode('&'), '&', $_imageurl));

line 211

Github code at https://github.com/oikeusministerio/blogi.otakantaa.fi/blob/master/wp-content/plugins/gravatarlocalcache/GravatarLocalCache.php

With avatars that have a Gravatar account (registered email addresses) the correct image is saved locally. For the randomly generated avatars the default Gravatar logo (blue avatar with a G in the middle) is saved instead with the correct filename.

So for commenters who have a Gravatar account their profile images are saved locally, for generated avatars the correct filename is saved, but it's a copy of the G logo.

Avatar changes in 4.2 is the addition of responsive images using the scrset attribute which is a copy of the Gravatar URL ending in x2. I don't see how this would stop the correct image being saved for the randomly generated images only.



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    Is there any debugging information about what the values and results of those variables are? This plugin seems a little redundant since the browser can just request ( and cache locally ) gravatars – Tom J Nowell May 3 '15 at 16:49
  • Exactly as @TomJNowell said. Why lose all that Gravatar has to offer? (parallel requests, CDN, optimized caching, bandwidth saving yada yada yada) – TheDeadMedic May 3 '15 at 16:58
  • I use caching for performance reasons. Explained at stallion-theme.co.uk/wordpress-gravatars gravatar.com doesn't optimize it's images and has the browser cache set too short (5 minutes) which effectively means the images aren't cached by a browser: caching an image for only 5 minutes means most users will have to download again every visit. So by using gravatar.com for avatar images the Google PageSpeed Insight Tool throws out a bunch of warnings, since Google considers page speed important SEO wise, not fixing them could have a negative impact on Google rankings. – David Law May 3 '15 at 19:39
  • The plugin has one PHP warning related to unlink: tries to unlink the tmp file when it's already been unlinked, I think the error trips when the image is downloaded from gravatar.com. Been throwing this error out since day one, so don't think it's related to the 4.2 issue. – David Law May 3 '15 at 19:39

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