I have this saved:

$description = get_post_meta( $postID, 'video_desc', true );

and then have used this in my form in textarea:

value="<?php echo $description; ?>"

When I check the console it is there as the value but it is not displaying in the textarea. I am wanting this to show the text as it is in a edit-post.php page/file.

I have been searching for hours!! Any help would be much appreciated.

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The value of the textarea must be printed between the opening and the closing tag:

<form action="/">
    <textarea name="whatever"><?php echo esc_textarea( $description ); ?></textarea>

Note the usage of the function esc_textarea() here. It prevents any possible character inside the variable $description from being interpreted as HTML. It's an important step to avoid possibly XSS vulnerabilities.

There are many more escaping functions like esc_attr(), esc_html() or esc_url(). You should know about them and how they are meant to be used: https://codex.wordpress.org/Data_Validation

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