I am trying to call a function after a comment is saved to the database, see below...

add_action('comment_post', 'myFunction', 10, 2); 
do_action('comment_post', $comment_ID, $comment_approved); 

I have placed this code in my comments.php file. myFunction is defined in functions.php and is shown below

function myFunction($comment_ID, $comment_approved){
    Analytics::track('Posted comment!');

The problem is that this function is getting called every time a page containing the comment form is loaded not just when a comment is posted...

Any thoughts on why this is happening???

I guess a work around could be to call the function on page load only when the page is being loaded from wp-comments-post.php but I don't know where to even start trying to achieve this...

Any help is appreciated!

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Your action is called whenever comments.php loads because you're explicitly running it with do_action. Both the function and add_action should be in functions.php, and do_action should be removed entirely.


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