I am managing the WordPress website i don't have the document of the website my problem is the website has the registration page please see [this link]

but when i check the registration page in WordPress admin the page is blank i don't have any idea how the previous developer linked the page can anyone help where to find the page.


This is a buddypress page, linked with the page ID 4275. The body class of your delivered HTML is:

<body class="registration register  buddypress page page-id-4275 page-template-default admin-bar no-customize-support no-js">

To edit this page itself, go to http://hoteliersnetworkme.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4275&action=edit

BuddyPress filters the content of this page and adds a registration form.

To modify the registration form itself, please refer to the BuddyPress documentation.

BTW: Seems like you have got a lot of work to do, cleaning all this up. Just at glancing at it I found 36 stylesheets and 61 Javascript files, as well as inline scripts, from at least 22 plugins plus your theme and child theme..

  • How can edit and read the code for buddypress can u explain so it would really helpful for me – Raja Apr 28 '15 at 6:08
  • I do not know exactly, but it seems pretty clear in the BuddyPress documentation. Please look there, and remember that this site does not support third party questions - if you have any further questions to BuddyPress, refer to their support forum :) – fischi Apr 28 '15 at 6:20

When I looked that that page source code there was a class name of page-template-default which would indicate that it is using a standard default file, eg index.php, page.php etc.


Probably under your theme folder. Maybe a custom page-template, something like page-register.php or similar.

but when i check the registration page in WordPress admin the page is blank

Check the right side, is there a "template" applied?

edit: hearing this is a buddypress theme I'd look into themes\[yourtheme]\buddypress\members\register.php or similar paths

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