I have a website (derbyskillbuild.org.uk) and the 'home' button leads to a diffent page than the 'front-page':

  • When you arrive at my website, it displays the correct front-page.php with the loop on the right hand side.

  • When you click 'home' in the navigation, a standard page is displayed without the loop.



Welcome to stackexchange. When asking a question please try to be as specific in your question as possible. Try describing what you want to know – also using screenshots or wireframes is ok – but please avoid forcing others to ckick on a link to understand your question. Questions like "How can I do this?" are usually not very likely to get a lot of attention from the community.

That said – I did click the link – and I see two pages: the "home" page and the front–page.

If you want the "home" button to direct users to your front–page, you can do this in Wordpress's admin interface under Appearance > Menus. Basically there are various ways to to this – here's two approaches, leading to the same ersult: Depending on how your site is / your menus are configures I would either make the "home" button link to "/" manually, or add a new custom button "home" (linking to "/") and remove the old one (linking to "/home").

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