Hi guys I have been working with the settings API and my code won't run. I have an options page called "kaipo", and the callback function in that add_options_page function will output "hii" from kaipo_menu_callback function. That is the only part of my code that actually runs. When I declare my section the function that should output "hellooooo" does not print and also my input fields does not display. i.e the functions Kaipo_footer_message_display and Kaipo_message_display does not print anything. Have I registered something wrongly? please help me!!

* Plugin Name: Kaipo2
* Plugin URI: http://www.kaipochat.com
* Description: Chat By Interest
* Version: 1.0
* Author: JSL
* Author URI: http://www.kaipochat.com
* License: GPL2

function Kaipo_add_options_page(){

        'Kaipo', //text to be displayed in title bar
        'Kaipo', //text displayed to menu
        'administrator', //required capability to users
        'kaipo_menu_page', //slug
        'Kaipo_menu_callback' //callback function
//options page display
function Kaipo_menu_callback(){
    echo "hii";
//Register a new settings field on the General Settings page of the WordPress dashboard

function Kaipo_initialize_settings_field(){

    //introduce section rendered through the options page
        'footer_section', //ID of field
        'Footer Options', //text used to label field
        'Kaipo_footer_message_display', //callback function to render the field
        'kaipo_menu_page' //ID of the page on which this section is rendered (must match the slug of add_options_page())

    //define settings field
        'footer_message', //ID of the field
        'Footer Message', //Text to label the field
        'Kaipo_message_display', //call back function to render the field
        'kaipo_menu_page',   //the page on which we are rendering the field
        'footer_section' //the section to which we are adding the settings

    //register the 'footer_message' setting with the 'General' section
}//end of function

add_action('admin_init', 'Kaipo_initialize_settings_field');

//options page section display
function Kaipo_footer_message_display(){
  echo "helloooooo";

//renders the input field for Footer Message in the General Settings section
function Kaipo_message_display(){
    echo '<input type="text" name="footer_message" id="footer_message" value="' . get_option('footer_message') . '" />';

add_action('admin_menu', 'Kaipo_add_options_page');

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That's because you need to print your settings fields in Kaipo_menu_callback, something like:


function Kaipo_menu_callback() {

<div class="wrap">
    <form action="options.php" method="post"><?php

        do_settings_sections( 'kaipo_menu_page' );
        settings_fields( 'kaipo_menu_page' );



I would strongly suggest reading the settings API in detail.

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