I experience a quite odd behavior of the WordPress Repository, or I am doing something wrong (more likely).

So, for my plugin, which is registered in the WordPress Repository, I created a logo and I uploaded it as icon-128x128.png as well as icon-256x256.png in the /assets/-folder.

First I only uploaded the small logo and it didn't show up in the search results. I thought, I wait a bit, since the Repository needs sometimes a bit time to react. After this logo didn't show up, I've decided maybe I should also upload the bigger 256px logo. So I did.

Since then, the logo shows up in the search results of the WordPress admin. But it doesn't show up in the search results on wordpress.org. Moreover, also the default icon, which usually shows up, when no logo is uploaded, doesn't show.

Logo shows up in admin but not on wordpress.org

When I look into the CSS of wordpress.org I find the following:

#plugin-icon-filter-custom-fields-taxonomies-light {
    background-image: url("");
    background-size: 128px 128px;
    height: 128px;
    width: 128px;

Usually, the logo should be placed as a background-image.

Has anyone an idea, whats going on? Thanks a lot.

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Comparing how your plugin is diplayed with your neighbour on the list here https://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=custom+fields+taxonomies+light, they have 2 images on the CSS inline script, and yours only show one, the other background image url being empty.


background-image: url(//ps.w.org/filter-custom-fields-taxonomies-light/assets/icon-256x256.png?rev=1110269
background-image: url()


background-image: url(//ps.w.org/advanced-custom-fields/assets/icon-128x128.png?rev=1082746
background-image: url(//ps.w.org/advanced-custom-fields/assets/icon-256x256.png?rev=1082746

If you are sure you uploaded that 128px image, in the right format and extension, it may be corrupt? Is not saved on the server properly? Maybe you will have to delete and upload it again?

The image http://ps.w.org/filter-custom-fields-taxonomies-light/assets/icon-128x128.png?rev=1110269 is not found on the server whereas http://ps.w.org/filter-custom-fields-taxonomies-light/assets/icon-256x256.png?rev=1110269 is, therefore the 128px picture is not on the server...


Here http://ps.w.org/filter-custom-fields-taxonomies-light/assets/ we can see that your 128x128 image is written not with an x but something else very similar, a × that becomes icon-128%c3%97128.png instead of icon-128x128.png!

  • 2
    %c3%97 is in fact a multiplication sign :-) utf8-chartable.de
    – lu-bhz
    Apr 16, 2015 at 17:50
  • genius! thanks a lot. i have no idea how i did this XD Apr 16, 2015 at 18:23

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