I am attempting to compare a username to a page template name. I found the following code:

get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_wp_page_template', true );

But this isn't quite what I am looking for. This returns the filename of the page template, IE:


What I am looking for is the actual template name defined in the page template here:

Template Name: products

Is this possible?


An alternative to @Ben Cole that's less intensive (especially if you have several page templates), but not as awesome because it doesn't use the WP_Theme object ;)

function wpse_184317_get_template_name( $page_id = null ) {
    if ( ! $template = get_page_template_slug( $page_id ) )
    if ( ! $file = locate_template( $template ) )

    $data = get_file_data(
            'Name' => 'Template Name',

    return $data['Name'];

And in use:

echo wpse_184317_get_template_name(); // Template name for current page
echo wpse_184317_get_template_name( 14 ); // Template name for page ID 14
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One way to retrieve the name of the template as defined in the file could be like this:

function get_template_name () {
    // List all available template names for current theme
    $available_templates = wp_get_theme()->get_page_templates();

    // Get filename of page template we are on
    $template_filename = basename(get_page_template())

    // Return the template name for the currently active file
    return $available_templates[$template_filename];

The function above will return whatever text is used for the name of the template. In the example below, it would return "NAME OF TEMPLATE":


More info about the WP_Theme object.

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  • You don't want basename, it'll break for page templates in a sub-directory of the theme. Use get_page_template_slug and then an isset to check it's a valid index. – TheDeadMedic Apr 15 '15 at 18:29

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