A common problem with rewrite rules added in a theme is that there is no obvious hook on which you can flush the rewrite rules. The problem is getting harder when you update a theme with new code that includes new rewrite rules.

It seems like a good solution to the problem might be to detect if the rewrite rule exists and if it doesn't to flush the rules. So how can I check if a rule already exists?

  • Great question! This should be part of the core API and be mentioned in the flush_rewrite_rules() docs. People have been dancing around the issue for years, such a bummer.
    – jerclarke
    Apr 25, 2017 at 20:27

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If I understand correctly then you can hook into the rewrite api/process and flush or manipulate the rules that way? Read: Plugin Hooks on this page


Maybe something like:

// flush_rules() if our rules are not yet included
function my_flush_rules()
    $rules = get_option( 'rewrite_rules' );
    if ( ! isset( $rules['(project)/(\d*)$'] ) ) { 
        global $wp_rewrite; $wp_rewrite->flush_rules();
add_action( 'wp_loaded','my_flush_rules' );

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