I am having posts with images.In single post page all contents displaying well with image. But in blog page , the content only displaying not an image.

How can i make it to display

For example, http://www.beezid.com/blog

this blog displaying images with read more link

but not in my case http://optisolbusiness.com/gonzobidz/blog/

Thanks in advance !

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If you did not set an explicit excerpt for your post in the post editor, WordPress by default calls wp_trim_excerpt() to auto-generate an excerpt. This function throws out all HTML tags to make life simple. the_content() does not do this when it splits your post on a <!--more--> tag.

If you don't want this default behavior you can unhook the wp_trim_excerpt() function and duplicate it with one of your own that does not remove HTML tags. Watch out when you split your text somewhere: call force_balance_tags() to make sure your excerpt does not end with Some <strong>great news... [Read more], because everything after it will be bold too. You will also have to see how this works with embedded content: if you remove some of the tags for a Flash video you also won't get what you expect.

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