I am trying to get the value of the 'new-post-slug' (the bit that you can edit to customize your slug for a post, but bizarrely doesn't have a 'name' attribute as you'd expect a form field to have ... the update must be done in ajax in the background)

What I am stuck on is 2 things:

  • Why do posts not get their post_name (slug) updated on saving a draft? (not autosaving, I mean hitting the 'Save Draft' button)

  • If I was to try and do this manually (using the save_post hook), how can I get the value of the 'new-post-slug' (since this field is not available in the $_POST var). I guess I could try and do a pre-form-submit jQuery append-to-form type thing which gets this field .

When using the wp_handle_upload_prefilter to catch the filename before it gets uploaded, the post_name (the slug) is not set:

add_filter('wp_generate_attachment_metadata', 'check_images_file_to_slug', 10, 2);

public function check_images_file_to_slug($image_info)
    // Get the parent post ID, if there is one
    if( isset($_GET['post_id']) ) {
        $post_id = $_GET['post_id'];
    } elseif( isset($_POST['post_id']) ) {
        $post_id = $_POST['post_id'];

    // Only do this if we got the post ID--otherwise they're probably in
    //  the media section rather than uploading an image from a post.
    if(is_numeric($post_id)) {
        /* @var @post WP_Post */
        $post = get_post($post_id);

        // Here $post->post_name (the slug), is empty for post-new.php (Adding new post)

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I run into a similar issue. I had to remove remove_meta_box('slugdiv', ['post', 'page'], 'normal'); from my code. When you remove the slugdiv meta box the slug edit box for WP does stops working.


When a new post is created (regardless of status) post_name which is the slug is saved to the WP_Post object.

You can fire off a wp_ajax_$youraction() in the backend to get the post object and return the slug.

  • Wrong. post_name is not saved for drafts. Commented May 8, 2020 at 19:20

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