I have a form on my website where users can submit their own posts and one of the fields has a dropdown containing various countries so a user can enter their location. I would like this location to be displayed when the post is published so I have written the below code to achieve this:

<?php echo stripslashes(get_user_meta($uid, 'user_location', true)); ?>

However, this only displays the category "ID" number (not the category "name" of the location). What can I write so the NAME of the location is displayed?

  • Is there an easy way to display the LOCATION BY NAME (rather than ID NUMBER)? I have included the code that was used for the page where the form is: <?php $locs = get_user_meta($uid, 'user_location', true); echo PricerrTheme_get_categories("job_location", !isset($_POST['job_location_cat']) ? $locs : htmlspecialchars($_POST['job_location_cat']) , __('Select Location','PricerrTheme'), "do_input"); ?> </p> – Sam Apr 3 '15 at 19:15

Use get_category() to convert the ID into a category data object.

$cid = get_user_meta($uid, 'user_location', true);
$c = get_category($cid);
echo $c->name;
  • That didn't work unfortunately. If it helps, the taxonomy = "job_location" when I hover over the category name. And "job_location_cat" is also mentioned in the code. – Sam Apr 3 '15 at 18:38
  • You called this a "category" but you may need get_term() instead. – s_ha_dum Apr 3 '15 at 18:43

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