I have following input field which is attached with color picker

<input type="text" class="color-field"   id="mn_fpl_colorbackconf" rows="1" cols="25"></textarea>

Also I have the following line in JS script

jQuery('body').on('click', '.color-field', function() {
        jQuery('.color-field').wpColorPicker(); }

I have a small JS function

jQuery('#editfont_button').on('keyup', '#mn_fpl_colorbackconf', function() {
sel = jQuery('#graphics').find('#XYZ');
cls1 = sel.val();

sel2 = jQuery('#editfont_button').find('#mn_fpl_colorbackconf');
cls2 = sel2.val(); 


Here my question is how to get value of color in cls2 variable ?

  • I got the answer, it was in input value field only.... – mjn Apr 1 '15 at 8:42

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