Is it possible to set show_on_front and page_on_front via XMLRPC? They do not appear in the list returned from wp.getOptions and using wp.setOptions does not appear to change the values.

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These options are not among the default writable $blog_options.

Here's one (untested) idea using the xmlrpc_blog_options filter to make the show_on_front option writeable:

 * Add 'show_on_front' to the list of XML-RPC writeable options.

add_filter( 'xmlrpc_blog_options', function( $blog_options ) 
    if( is_array( $blog_options ) )
        $blog_options['show_on_front'] = array(
            'desc'     => __( 'Show on front' ),
            'readonly' => false,
            'option'   => 'show_on_front'
    return $blog_options; 

and similar for the page_on_front option.

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