Suppose, I have a plugin which is offering a shortcode for its users: [my-shortcode]. Now I want to post an advertisement in a page of my WordPress powered blog like the following:

Hey you can use the plugin using the [my-shortcode] into any page/post.

If I write so, on the front end WordPress thinks it's a shortcode, it tries executing this, and showing an ugly white blank block there. So I switched to the HTML mode of the editor, and wrap the text like this:


Without switching back to the visual editor if I update the page, and see the front end, it's working just fine. But if now I need the visual editor for further editing [visually], and switch back to the visual editor again TinyMCE can't understand that it's a simple text, not a shortcode, and the same massacre happens again. :(

Even if I want to write something, anything with a third bracket like:

Do something [once] and go...

WordPress can't understand it's a simple text. :(

How can I handle situation like this?

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Use a double third brackets then. In visual editor:


To show shortcode as a code, in HTML/Text mode:


And you can even write anything with a third bracket in this way:

Do something [[once]] and go...

*suggested by SergeyBiryukov

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