I was wondering if there is some way to put together the custom-post-types and post-formats so I can code a new post type and offer some variations as post-formats.

I'm involved in a company directory conceptualization and we have to mix different kind of company. While almost all of this types share the same data fields, there are two specific kind of companies - hotels & bistros - which has especific requirements (custom taxonomies and some data fields).

In your opinion, which is the best approach?

  • Use three custom-post-type: 'company', 'bistro' & 'hotel'.
  • Use one custom-post-type w/ post-formats.
  • Use only one custom-post-type and use conditional logic to add or not specific data-models.

Thanks in advance!!!



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For those coming here because of the title of the question:

If you have a look at Post Formats at the Codex you'll see that

[...] New formats cannot be introduced by themes or even plugins. [...]

Which kills you're option 2.

Also have a look at this: Custom Post Formats

For your apparent actual question: It really depends on how much they differ. But if they have different taxonomies and different data fields I'd say have separate post types.

  • Aught! Thanks @kraftner, you add some light. Definitely I'll use three custom-post-type. Mar 30, 2015 at 17:52

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