I need to change the slug of the attachment post. Currently, it is showing attachment name , I want it to be replaced by id of attachment.

Edit : Thanks to suggestion by TheDeadMedic, I am now seeing urls with their postname changed to id in url (slug of the url.). But somehow it is adding now adding /attachment/ as well to the url right before slug (id). How should I remove this /attachment/ part.


Use the add_attachment hook to update the slug after the attachment has been inserted:

function wpse_182454_attachment_id_as_slug( $post_id ) {
    if ( get_post_field( 'post_name', $post_id ) != $post_id ) {
                'ID' => $post_id,
                'post_name' => ( string ) $post_id,

add_action( 'add_attachment', 'wpse_182454_attachment_id_as_slug' );
  • thanks its working, but now I am getting /attachment/ before the post_name (which is id now) – akshayb Mar 27 '15 at 11:36
  • @akshayb, you asked how to replace the slug and you got an answer ;). If you need something else to happen as wel as replacing the slug then please edit the question and state it explicitly. – Mark Kaplun Mar 27 '15 at 12:51

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