I don't know why when I'm using "Enter", that add   in Pages/Posts Editor. That doesn't matter, but on my website, when I look the code   makes this code :

<p> � </p>

and � appears on my website...

How can I change that to simple code :

<p> </p>

It's &nbsp; with the trailing semicolon. Not without, maybe that's the problem?

edit: also the question is quite hard to understand. Do you add those &nbsp;s by hand or is the editor adding them even though you don't want them or what?

  • Yes, it's &nbsp; with semicolon, sorry. When I'm editing text and I just tap on ENTER without writing something, that makes <p> � </p>, and I would like that becomes <p> </p> but if I'm tapping something after skipping line, that's right : � doesn't appear
    – Vjardel
    Mar 26 '15 at 13:21
  • updated : I just need to change <p>�</p> to <p></p>
    – Vjardel
    Mar 26 '15 at 13:35
  • Well yeah but that's very strange. When I hit enter it doesn't add anything but a line break in editor, not any content. Does it still do this if you disable all plugins?
    – jimihenrik
    Mar 26 '15 at 14:01

Here is the code I needed :

/* Plugin Name: Erase "�" */
function replace_content($content)
$content = str_replace('�', '&nbsp;',$content);
return $content;

I put in plugins, and now that's ok !

Mhhh not really … 😟 I think it's a encoded problem.

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