I have an index.php page with about link, which will get about author content from created page (post) inside WordPress dashboard with name about. I'm using Magnific Popup plugin for poups. I have about.php which includes content of about page like this:

  $pageid = 2; // 2 is the id of about page/post
  $about = get_post($pageid);

<div id="custom-content" class="white-popup-block" style="max-width:600px; margin: 20px auto;">

    <h3><?php echo $about->post_title; ?></h3>
    #custom-content img {max-width: 100%;margin-bottom: 10px;}
    <div class="image-container pull-left">
        <img src="<?php echo get_field( "image", $pageid ); ?>">
    <h4><?php echo get_field( "brief", $pageid ); ?></h4>
    <?php echo get_field( "brief_lines", $pageid ); ?>
    <div class="about-content">
        <?php echo $about->post_content; ?>

and in index.php

<a href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/about.php" class="morelink pull-left text-ajax-popup">read more</a>

and in the footer.php

  type: 'ajax',
  alignTop: true,
  overflowY: 'scroll' 

After click on the link I got this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_post()

Is there files could I include inside about.php? What is the problem?


The problem is that about.php is not a recognized file by WordPress and won't load any of the actual WordPress functions. <?php wp_header(); ?> in your themes header.php file actually loads most the WordPress functionality that you're used to using. Since you're not calling either get_header() OR wp_header() in your about.php file you don't actually have access to any of the WordPress functionality. One solution to this would be to include a core WordPress file at the top of your post which will give you this kind of access:

This file: require('/wp-blog-header.php');

The required file is located in the root of WordPress, same place as wp-config.php - I believe this will load what you need.

Here's a list of Recognized Template Files.

What should do though...

Is find a way to use the build in wp_ajax functionality to get your page and bring it back. Then there's no extra file, no need to require wp-blog-header.php and it hook / function would be conveniently located in your themes functions.php file

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