Is there a way to disable atom feed and have only rss feed? When I click on the RSS button on my Firefox, I am show 'subscribe to domaintitle using RSS feeds' and 'subscribe to domaintitle using atom feeds'

I do not use a plugin but rather a function.

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The feed links that are included in the HTML code depend on your theme. For example, Twenty Ten only includes one feed type (with two feeds: posts and comments). Check your header.php to see which feeds are referenced there.

If it is a modern theme (like Twenty Ten), you might see no feed links there. This is because WordPress calls feed_links() in wp_head, which will (if the theme supports automatic-feed-links) output links for posts and entries in the default feed format, which is rss2 if you don't change it via the default_feed filter.

Additionally, on some pages like category archives, feed_links_extra() will also output links for a feed for only that category, again in the default feed format.

If you really want to disable a feed (so requests for example.com/atom will no longer work), you can do something like two7s_clash suggested, or play with the rewrite rules so atom is no longer part of the allowed feeds.

function disable_our_feeds() {
    wp_die( __('<strong>Error:</strong> No RSS Feed Available, Please visit our <a href="'. get_bloginfo('url') .'">homepage</a>.') );

add_action('do_feed_atom', 'disable_our_feeds', 1);

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