I've created a custom Widget and I would like to add it to the page content as a shortcode.

function show_custom_widget() {
    the_widget( 'WP_Custom_Plugin');
add_shortcode('custom-widget', 'show_custom_widget');

and I am using my shortcode in the post content as follows


As a result I get my Widget but it always displays at the top of the post content not in the place where I used the shortcode. How to make my widget display in the correct place ?

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The output from a shortcode should be returned, not echoed. Echoing output in a shortcode will have unexpected output like you are seeing. the_widget() echos its output which is causing the issue. Unfortunately there is no similar function for returning the wdget output.

Luckily you can make use of a output buffer to overcome this issue. You can try something like this : (CAVEAT: Untested)

function show_custom_widget() {
    the_widget( 'YOUR CUSTOM WIDGET' ); 
    $contents = ob_get_clean(); 
    return $contents;
add_shortcode( 'custom-widget', 'show_custom_widget' );
  • it works for me, but it execute the whole widget, in my case i just need the output of the widget, my widget contain some settings, so using above method it just reset everything.
    – Nestsouls
    Commented Oct 16, 2017 at 15:34

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