Hey guys i want to make my next and previous links to work just for a category not all of them togheter,so when you get on the last post from that category to stop,right now it's still going in another category,can't fine the post_nav_link in my single.php....can you help me ? Here's a photo of my single.phpsingle.php

Sorry for my bad english,thanks.

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    Please don't post images of your code, for users like me posting from a mobile, your code in you image is totally unreadable. File an edit with your actual code. Tip: if you add code in the editor, highlight it and click on the {} sign above the editor. This will add your code in a code block Commented Mar 20, 2015 at 11:37

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looks like your navigation can be found in this function:


I just guess, but have a look into this file: inc/template-tags.php


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