Does anyone know of a way to create a sitemap by using wp_list_pages and have the order by the same orders a custom nav menu?


Using wp_list_pages you can sort order only by:

  • 'post_title'
  • 'menu_order'
  • 'post_date'
  • 'post_modified'
  • 'ID'
  • 'post_author'
  • 'post_name'

anything else (like order by custom menu order) you would have to write your own function. But a better way to get it done would be to create a custom walker for it so you could control the output.


Here's a snippet I use to create a sitemap based on custom menu order: http://snipplr.com/view/54404/wordpress-custom-sitemap-shortcode-following-custom-menu-order/

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