I have created a WP stack with 3 post types:

 1. Post (default)
 2. Event
 3. Place

These 3 post types share the same taxonomy, that being the default WP category, here are some example categories:

 1. Shopping
 2. Concerts
 3. Sports

I need to create a category archive for each of the post types:

eg. http://example.com/event/concerts  /* cat = concerts, post_type = event */
eg. http://example.com/post/concerts   /* cat = concerts, post_type = post */
eg. http://examplecom/place/shopping   /* cat = shopping, post_type = place */

However, I'm not sure how to go about with this... would creating individual template files like category-event.php, category-place.php and category-post.php work?

In which case, would I have to do a custom WP Query with the relevant $args or does the query come from the URL?

I'm not even sure of how to create a link to the page. I've tried /event/concerts/ and /event/category/concerts/ - in both scenarios I get a 404 error, not even an empty loop.

Any advice?


Your categories are, shopping , concerts and sports. So in order to create a category archive, you should follow category-{category-slug}.php Hence your file name should be : category-shopping.php category-sports.php category-concerts.php. And after this try with /event/category/concerts/ - this will solve your problem.

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