There are many website those are using new WordPress theme as email subscribe option, like the below image


and I wish I will add this subscribe option in my theme.I have styling idea but I haven't any WordPress functional idea how to working the subscribe option. I searched google but didn't got any information about it.

So I need informational article on it.

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There are many WordPress plugins that let you manage your email subscription. But overall this is not recommended, mainly because it creates a heavy load on the server. What will inevitably create a problem with the hosting service.

In my experience, it is advisable to work with professional external services. For various reasons among which I highlight:

  • They make sending mail (high load)
  • They have good design tools
  • They know a lot about how to make your mails do not fall as SPAM

These services have different forms of design that attach easily with WordPress themes. An example is Mailchimp.com. But there are others.

This article can help you with more information. I hope you find it useful.

WPBeginner - Why You Should Never Use WordPress to Send Newsletter Emails

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