I'm creating a wordpress multisite for at costumer to uses with his own customers. He need to be able to create a site when he get a new customer, and his customer should be able to control the the site.

So I want me as an superadmin, and my customer's customers to be the admin the site, so what I need is a role in between a light version of the superadmin.

I can't figure this out, i have tried different plugins fx: "User Role Editor", but no luck so fare.

Someone now how to make this work?

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In multisite installation there already is a default admin and super-admin role, and if standard capabilities are different than what you want you can modify them:

A default set of capabilities is pre-assigned to each role, but other capabilites can be assigned or removed using the add_cap() and remove_cap() functions. New roles can be introduced or removed using the add_role() and remove_role() functions.

In this way you can customize user capabilities to your needs;

As asked from toscho I'll make an example:

you can specify new role and caps with add_role() (in ex. maior-admin)


function maior_add_role_function(){
$roles_set = get_option('my_roles_are_set');
'mj admin',
    'manage_sites' => true,
    'read'         => true,  
    'edit_posts'   => true,
    //set all capabilities needed - you could do this with get_role() but not so straightforward

So I finally found the solution. If installed the: "Extended Super Admins" plugin.

And then I the user the Super Admin role, and used the plugin to add a custom role based on the super admin and then it is just check the boxed of the rights he DON'T need to have.

It was really that simple!

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