I have set my default thumbnail size in settings > media, however as I see it you Have to add a value. However, I'd like to specify a width, but allow for an unrestricted height. For instance, both these dimensions would be alright:

w: 120px h: 70px
w: 120px h: 240px

Doesn't Wordpress allow this behaviour? Or should we simply set the height value to a ridiculously high number?

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According to add_image_size() you can do something like that with width but I imagine it works the same with height:


(int) (optional) The post thumbnail width in pixels. Set to 9999 to resize based on $height Default: 0

Really I think you would want to set it to something ridiculously high which 9999 should work for you. You could test this and use a plugin like Regenerate Thumbnails to try it out or revert your changes if it doesn't work.

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