i'm customizing a popular CSV exporting tool for Woocommerce. I've got an issue on extracting names for products. Look at this line of code:

 $product->name = get_the_title($product->ID);

This returns a string like

  Variation #4923 of ProductName

I would like to remove "Variation #Number of " from every export that i make. I do not want to use a regexp. I thought about modyfing the first line of code in :

$temp = new WC_Product($product->ID);
$product->name = $temp->get_title();

so that i could use get_title() which is a native call of Woocommerce. How can i customize the get_title() function, then? Thanks.

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In WooCommerce, the product variants are children of the actual product. So perhaps just check if the $product_id you're on is a child, and if so get the title of the parent.

Untested code:

// Check if product has parent
    $parents = get_post_ancestors( $product->ID );

    /* Get the top Level page->ID count base 1, array base 0 so -1 */ 
    $parentId = ($parents) ? $parents[count($parents)-1]: $product->ID;

    $product->name = get_the_title($parentId);
    $product->name = get_the_title($product->ID);

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