Is there some way to export/import links from a wordpress.com site to a private site? I have a rather large directory of links. I fetch the opml file and the category levels are there, but when I use the Bloggroller importer, it doesn't create the categories? Help would be appreciated.

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If you're going from WP to WP, then you want to use the built-in exporter and importer. Your links should come along with it. I'm not sure about the categories with it, but this might help http://ellejohara.com/blog/making-the-wordpress-opml-tool-slightly-more-useful/


when you say a private site, what platform is it? export file would essentially be the same, but how the new platform imports and handles the data is on their site, not WordPress.

  • Sorry, the private site is a WordPress site
    – grm
    Sep 15, 2010 at 10:59

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