I have a gallery on my page, in this type of syntax:

[gallery ids="1588,1584,1582,1583,1581"]

I would like each image to open up in a lightbox. I've tried the Simple Lightbox plugin, which looks very good, but it doesn't take effect on my site. It requires the_content() to be run on my page template, but I looked at page.php, and I don't see that function being called. I'm using the Nevia theme.

I read SLB's directions, and I don't think I missed any steps. So I wonder if there is another similar plugin that I can use. After searching on Google, I found a lot of things that are somewhat like what I need, but I don't have time to try each one out.

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Try this one: Responsive Lightbox by dFactory. It doesn't require the function the_content(), or make any mention of any required functions.

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