How to insert this function inside <body>

<?php function Ciusan_NBar(){ global $options; $options = get_option('Ciusan_NBar');
    if($options['CNB_Showing']=='yes'){ ?>
    <div class="Ciusan_NBar" style=" <?php if($options[CNB_FixedBar]=='yes'){echo 'position: fixed;';}elseif($options[CNB_FixedBar] == 'no'){echo 'position: absolute;'; } ?>!important;">
        <input id="hide" type="radio" name="bar" value="hide">
        <input id="show" type="radio" name="bar" value="show" checked="checked">

        <label for="hide">hide</label>
        <label for="show">show</label>

        <div class="Ciusan_NText"><?php echo $options['CNB_Content']; ?></div>
<?php }} ?>


I'm not want insert on wp_head or wp_footer but i want this function auto insert after <body> tag.

    <?php echo Ciusan_NBar(); ?>
  • Where inside the body? Just before the closing tag, just after the opening tag or anywhere? – Saurabh Shukla Mar 1 '15 at 8:38
  • 1
    Just add that code in your functions.php and then add Ciusan_NBar() in your template files where needed. You can also hook your function to a specific filter if you need to add the code to something specific like before the loop you would use loop_start hook. If you are going to hook your function, then you should return your content, not echo it – Pieter Goosen Mar 1 '15 at 8:59

The answer is "it depends" as usual :)

You can do it with hooks and I would recommand action-hook in this case or you can do it on your own.

In both cases : define your function in a plugin, functions.php could be fine but be sure your function is not critical and can be dropped when you change theme.

If you do not want to use action-hooks be sure to test if function exists before using it in a template :

if( function_exists('Ciusan_NBar') ){

Regarding the function declaration I would recommand you some coding standards, for example :

if( 'yes' === $options['CNB_Showing'] )

It's better to put variable to the right in case you omit an equal sign.

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