I have an unwanted empty line at the beginning of the document and I can't find the reason why it is happening. For default HTML I wouldn't have minded it but RSS doesn't work. I disabled all the plugins and no luck; the plugins don't cause anything. I started having this issue after I changed the file owner and permissions a long time ago but didn't care at the time. My permissions for all files and folders in the theme are "rwxr-xr-- myusername:www-data". I tried to add comments at the beginning of header.php, had no luck. The line exists even in /wp-admin. wp-login.php doesn't have it though. Where should I look for this line?

Thank you!

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It is very hard to guess, the bit about permissions is peculiar.

The steps I would take to locate or at least narrow down the issue:

  1. Verify or reinstall core files
  2. Enable WP_DEBUG and see if there are related errors
  3. Dump get_included_files() and see if there are any unexpected/external files
  • I just updated my wordpress core, so I believe all the changes (if any) were reverted. I enabled WP_DEBUG and I am getting a warning "driver mismatch" because I am using MariaDB. I will work on fixing it but I have another Wordpress website on the same server and it works without the new line. So, I don't believe the issue here is the warning. I am checking get_included_files() now.
    – Gasim
    Feb 20, 2015 at 14:08
  • For a test, I just switched the theme file and the line disappeared. So, at least it decreased my list to a few files
    – Gasim
    Feb 20, 2015 at 14:23

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