How do I change the formatting on http://wordpress.barrycarter.info/index.php/voronoi-temperature-map/ so that (for example) the map's nearly flush with the bottom of the menubar?

I don't want to edit page.php, since that'll change all pages, not just this one.

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After creating the specific CSS you need to format the page how you like, you could:

  1. Create a custom page template with the CSS and assign the template this page.
  2. Create a page-{slug}.php file with the CSS, where {slug} is the page slug for this page (most likely the filename should be page-voronoi-temperature-map.php).
  3. Create a page-{ID}.php file, where if the page ID is 6, WordPress will look to use page-6.php.

These three options were mentioned in the Codex, under Template Hierarchy. By using any of these 3 options, you can alter the layout for this page without affecting all the rest of your pages.

  • Thanks! page.php itself says "If you want to overload this in a child theme then include a file called loop-page.php and that will be used instead.", but that didn't seem right, since loop-page.php displays all posts, and not a single page.
    – user4849
    Commented May 21, 2011 at 11:35

If you look at the page source, you'll see that <body> has been given a class page-id-1199. You can use that in your stylesheet to specify styles for that page alone.

.page-id-1199 #map { /* custom styles */ }

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