I've created a custom tab to my buddypress user profiles called 'goals'

It displays xprofile fields, I just need to know how to make a dynamic link on the subnav that points at the 'goals' xprofile edit link tab which for example would look like


The subnav is currently being generated via the following, however I've tried a few variations of the link parameter however can't get it to structure properly.

bp_core_new_subnav_item( array(
  'name'            => 'Edit Goals',
  'slug'            => 'edit-goals',
  'parent_url'      => 'goals',
  'parent_slug'     => 'goals',
  'screen_function' => 'false',
  'position'        => 50,
  'link'            => get_option('siteurl') . '/profile/edit/group/8/'

 ) );

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Use bp_core_get_user_domain($user_id). This will give you the url part up to the username (with a slash at the end).

Try something like the following:

  • Got it working using the following global $current_user; get_currentuserinfo(); $user_id=bp_displayed_user_id(); $link= home_url() . '/members/' . $current_user->user_login . '/profile/edit/group/8'; – Dexx Feb 18 '15 at 1:22

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