I'm using the wpDirAuth plugin and some users cannot log in:

Directory authentication initially succeeded, but no valid profile was found ("get entries" procedure). [([email protected])]

The Google results i found were not very helpful.

The 3 year old comment from the dev indicates that the LDAP profile is incomplete, but the sysadmins don't see a difference with accounts that do work.

What can I do to fix the minority's login issue? Should I manually create a few dozen WordPress accounts for them?

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I've activated the Active Directory Integration plugin to assist with WP account creation, and set the proper Domain Controller (dc.company.int), Base DN (OU=Users,OU=_XXX,DC=company,DC=int), account suffix (@company.int), default email domain (company.com) and login sync settings.

Checking wpDirAuth's settings using the admin account again, i think the problem was "userPrincipalName" in the Account Filter field that defaults to "samAccountName", as users use their account name to log in.

A better solution would be single sign-on like so or so.


good day. before plz check this field: Bind DN


Enter a valid user account/DN to pre-bind with if your LDAP server does not allow anonymous profile searches, or requires a user with specific privileges to search.

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