I created a directory website which has a page that displays all the listings (1,005) This page takes VERY long to load. Is there any way to speed this up? Its using a custom post type listing.

There are 1,006 of these queries:

SELECT option_value FROM wp_sulk_options WHERE option_name = 'uninstall_plugins' LIMIT 1 require('wp-blog-header.php'), require_once('wp-load.php'), require_once('wp-config.php'), require_once('wp-settings.php'), include_once('/plugins/debug-queries/debug_queries.php'), Debug_Queries->debug_queries, register_uninstall_hook, get_option


  • 3
    1006 of this exact query? 1006 queries similar to it? Just 1006 queries? – Rarst Jan 23 '15 at 22:31
  • this exact query. It loads all the listings. – MF1 Jan 25 '15 at 17:47
  • Had you tried disabling plugin, query is coming from? – Rarst Jan 25 '15 at 18:17

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