I need create a file (any type: json, php, csv, txt) when I create or update a post from WPadmin. The format structure would be:

ID, "operation to execute" (new post, update post, delete post), title, field2, field3

Thanks! martin

  • This seem your first question in this site. Wellcome. To help with your issue it is appreciated that you show us the effort you have done to do it yourself: code, research, etc. Also, you would narrow down the exact problem you have to achieve it.
    – cybmeta
    Jan 23, 2015 at 16:31

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There are a number of action hooks for Post Status Transitions. They each receive the $post object as an argument. You could use these to trigger a function that writes your file to disk using fopen.

Edit: if you're writing CSV, PHP has a function specifically for that: fputcsv (fopen still required)


You should use the save_post action to perform an action when creating or updating a post


  • Yes, paul. I put this block as function and added the action save_post. function my_project_updated_send_email( $post_id ) { (the entire block) } add_action( 'save_post', 'my_project_updated_send_email' );
    – martin
    Jan 27, 2015 at 16:26

Thanks paul/karpstrucking for your responses!

I tried with this codex example.. for sending fields to my mailbox, but this isnt running... i need little sample for testing when i publish..

i put this block on theme's functions.php.. that is ok?

function my_project_updated_send_email( $post_id ) {

// If this is just a revision, don't send the email.
if ( wp_is_post_revision( $post_id ) )

$post_title = get_the_title( $post_id );
$post_url = get_permalink( $post_id );
$subject = 'A post has been updated';

$message = "A post has been updated on your website:\n\n";
$message .= $post_title . ": " . $post_url;

// Send email to admin.
wp_mail( '[email protected]', $subject, $message );

} add_action( 'save_post', 'my_project_updated_send_email' )

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