Using a plugin and have created a page that offers more fields in a spreadsheet format. To add these extra fields you simply click edit on the row you want to edit....

Now when I am in the plugins template and want create a link to the edit link for that particular post type I keep getting one data for one level down the loop.

In my specific example I have url:


        <?php global $post;

 echo $post->post_name; 

The post name I get is "project". But when dumping my variables I see [post_name] => test-product.

Edit: Later on down the variable list I see [post_name] => project. So obviously I am capturing the later instance. How do I capture the first instance?

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What you want is the get_edit_post_link function.


echo '<a href="'.get_edit_post_link( $post_id ).'">edit</a>';

Your use of global $post and the other issue is a separate problem, you should ask a new question and provide more details ( including the code for the template being used )

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