I have this function and it does just what I need, it replace words in URL perfectly, but links don't work. All links are good and display on site well structured, as I wanted, but just don't open posts. Is there any way that I can make it work?

add_filter('post_type_link', 'replace_link', 1, 3);
function replace_link( $link, $post = 0 ){
    if ( $post->post_type == 'item' ){
        return home_url('food/'. $post->ID);
    } else {
        return $link;
function custom_rewrite_rule() {
add_action('init', 'custom_rewrite_rule', 10, 0);

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    You need corresponding rewrite rules to set the proper query vars for those requests. – Milo Jan 20 '15 at 22:08
  • Can you please help me there? I tried but it seams like I cant get right URL structure. I edited my function. @Milo – Valeka Jan 20 '15 at 22:13

Your post_type_link uses the post's ID, but the item query var expects a postname. To query by ID you need to use the p query var and set post_type:

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  • Thanks but still 404. Maybe I should do flush_rewrite somewhere or something similar. @Milo – Valeka Jan 21 '15 at 10:11
  • After adding or changing rewrites you must flush rules. Visiting the permalinks settings admin page is the simplest way to do this. – Milo Jan 21 '15 at 14:40
  • Thanks, I tried but nothing. I'm going to look for different solution. – Valeka Jan 21 '15 at 19:49
  • sorry, there was a typo in the rule, edited version above is tested and working. – Milo Jan 21 '15 at 20:04
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    you would swap post_type=item&p=$matches[1] with item=$matches[1] – Milo Jan 22 '15 at 16:30

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