I am able to implement http basic auth in wp_remote_get using the following code

$args = array(
    'headers' => array(
        'Authorization' => 'Basic ' . base64_encode( $username . ':' . $password )
wp_remote_request( $url, $args );

Is it possible to do http digest based authentication using wp_remote_get function?

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It is possible to do HTTP DIGEST authentication with wp_remote_get(), but it's somewhat complicated. I've written a short wrapper function you can use.


Isn't that obvious? wp_remote_get is just a single request response function. The difference, as far as wp_remote_get is concerned is that basic authentication is just one request response and hence just one call to wp_remote_get.

For digest based authentication, you have to make four request-response = four wp_remote_get calls.

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