I am trying to add additional classes to <body> based on certain conditions, so I have this code in my functions.php file of the theme :

add_filter( 'body_class', 'custom_body_class' );
function custom_body_class( $classes ) {

if ( !is_home() && !is_archive() ) {
    $classes[] = array_push( $classes, 'new-class' );

if ( condition ) {
    $classes[] = array_push( $classes, 'conditional-class' );

return $classes;

The code above works but when I look at the body class in the HTML output, it will show an additional number as the class depending on its location in the array, for example :

<body class="single logged-in new-class 4 conditional-class 6">

Or :

<body class="single logged-in admin-bar new-class 5 conditional-class 7">

I think this is probably more of a problem with my PHP code but I can't see what's causing it. Any ideas how I can add the conditional body classes without this problem? Thanks for helping!

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You are using array_push() incorrectly.

Do this:

$classes[] = 'new-class';

Or this:

array_push( $classes, 'new-class' );

But not:

$classes[] = array_push( $classes, 'new-class' );

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