As we know that in order to connect WP with database we should to define mysql username and password in wp-config.php, so at that point i have a question regarding security or ( some sort of connecting error ):

it is good practice using same mysql user with many databases

one thing is that i haven't seen any trouble regarding this but was thinking someday it will come :) hope you understand
well thanks in advance

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Well it's really not good practise, but this depends on how you're accessing the other databases.

For example, I have a server that hosts 10+ different Wordpress sites.

I have two options for connecting to the databases:

  1. Use the root login in all my wp-config.php files as it's easier
  2. Create a user and logins associated with each database for each site

Number 1 is useful when I'm developing locally/on a virtual machine as the databases aren't accessible to the outside world.

Number 2 is definitely the best practise when you're running a live server with multiple databases. At most if your password does get compromised you're only exposing one database.

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