Anyone encountered this issue?

I have created a custom php script which adds a new post by using wp_insert_post() but everytime I run the code it creates a 2 new post where in it should be only be one, its like it runs twice, so I tested another function using wpdb->query and its also the same its really weird. Please help I dont know what causes and how to fix this issue.

Thank you very much.

Here is a sample code i did just to test the issue and it still creates 2 identical post

   function testtest(){
      $ads_data = array(
            'post_title'    => "test",
            'post_content'  => "test",
            'post_status'   => 'publish',
            'post_type' => 'ads',
            //'post_author' => $user_id

        // Insert the post into the database
        $ads_id = wp_insert_post( $ads_data );


I have figured it out now, whats causing the issue is on my header.php it is this line of code:

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="<?php echo esc_url( get_theme_mod( 'favicon' ) ); ?>" />

I find it really weird, i have no idea why that line of code is causing the issue, anyway thanks everyone!

  • What is the context of your code, where does it run, what action is it hooked to?
    – Milo
    Jan 12, 2015 at 18:10
  • @Milo i just created a shortcode to run it, ive edit the code now
    – Ramje
    Jan 12, 2015 at 18:16
  • Do you have any plugins installed? Or have you tried running this code with a basic WP install? Jan 12, 2015 at 18:29
  • @czerspalace ive disabled all my plugins, and its still like that, this wasn't a problem actually before with my other sites. Maybe ill try with a basic wp install, thanks
    – Ramje
    Jan 12, 2015 at 18:32
  • 1
    your code inserts a single post when I test it, so a guess would be that more than one request is hitting the page containing the shortcode. this is obviously not a safe way to execute code, you should be taking steps to insure something runs once if you only want it to run once.
    – Milo
    Jan 12, 2015 at 18:34

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I resolved my similar issue (see below code block) by modifying the path to wp-load.php. Actually I used Frankie Jaret's uri parse script which really only works on the default install but, meh, that's what I use. I'm sure you can find a function that will parse it out where ever it may reside. Code below

$parse_uri = explode( 'wp-content', $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] );
require_once( $parse_uri[0] . 'wp-load.php' );

I don't know if this will help you out but it solved the issue for me.

Similar Issue: I realize this isn't an answer but I can't make a comment since this is my first post and I have 0 rep. But I have this exact same problem I just started to see it recently and have no favicon issues as I run the insert from a cronjob. I've been able to replicate it at least 30 consecutive times today. I will post the answer once I've figured it out. But I do know for a fact only the specific number of post arrays are being passed yet it still creates two posts, or customs in my case.

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