I created my account and first blog while waiting at the airport in Switzerland. Now my admin page and blog are in German! I can't understand what most of it means, so I can't seem to be able to switch it back to English.

Please help?

Thank you!

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Go to Einstellungen/Allgemein/Sprache der Seite (wp-admin/options-general.php) and select English. Then click the Button Änderungen übernehmen.

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in the version 4.0 or above just go to Settings > general > Site Language and choose your desired language.

You can find more information in Wordpress Codex.


You can use Google Chrome.
Google Chrome Browser

And using the built-in Google Translator you can translate your non-English web page or admin panel to a readable format at least.

Step 1:

In your German (non-English Google Translate Supported language) web page/admin panel click on to the Translate button
A site in German

Step 2:

Hit the Translate button
Hit the Translate button

And, Yala!

and your page is translated

Then you can easily change the language to English from Settings » General » at the very bottom of the page Site Language.


Changing the wordpress language is not a difficult task. You can make changes through your wordpress dashboard. Follow these steps to change language in wordpress :

1- Login to your Wordpress dashboard

2- Go to settings then general which is basically in german Allgemein

enter image description here

3- Then sprache der seite which is site language and select english and when once done select save changes.

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