I am using a class to add featured images to the taxonomy terms , followed the tutorial on http://en.bainternet.info/wordpress-taxonomies-extra-fields-the-easy-way/

this is the code i used inside my services.php (file for CPT )


* configure taxonomy custom fields
$config = array(
   'id' => 'demo_meta_box',                         // meta box id, unique per meta box
   'title' => 'Demo Meta Box',                      // meta box title
   'pages' => array('packages_type'),               // taxonomy name, accept categories, post_tag and custom taxonomies
   'context' => 'normal',                           // where the meta box appear: normal (default), advanced, side; optional
   'fields' => array(),                             // list of meta fields (can be added by field arrays)
   'local_images' => false,                         // Use local or hosted images (meta box images for add/remove)
   'use_with_theme' => false                        //change path if used with theme set to true, false for a plugin or anything else for a custom path(default false).
$my_meta = new Tax_Meta_Class($config);
//Image field
$my_meta->addImage('heading',array('name'=> 'Heading '));
$my_meta->addImage('image',array('name'=> 'Image '));

* Don't Forget to Close up the meta box deceleration
//Finish Taxonomy Extra fields Deceleration

and then i used this code to get theimages

<?php $custom_terms= get_terms('packages_type');    
              foreach($custom_terms as $term):
              $heading = get_tax_meta($term->term_id,'heading');
              $image = get_tax_meta($term->term_id,'image');                  
<img src="<?php echo $heading['url']; ?>" alt="" class="img-responsive">
<img src="<?php echo $image['url']; ?>" alt="">

Every thing works fine on localhost but when i moved the site to live server i am unable to get the images and get the warning under image tag -illegal string offset 'url' . What is it that i am doing wrong

  • Sorry. But feeling helpless as my problem doesn't make any sense. – terminator Jan 11 '15 at 11:16

amritanshu you not add id

$my_meta->addText('text_field_id',array('name'=> 'My Text '));


Print Command JUST add that line

$saved_data = get_tax_meta($term_id,'YOUR-FIELD-ID');

echo $saved_data;

  • i have added the id $my_meta->addImage('heading',array('name'=> 'Heading ')); $my_meta->addImage('image',array('name'=> 'Image ')); – terminator Jan 12 '15 at 5:19
  • @amritanshu do you use Prifix? $saved_data = get_tax_meta($term_id,'PRIFIX-YOUR-FIELD-ID'); – Irfan Jan 12 '15 at 20:14
  • no there is no prifix being used in the tut. plus i am also not using it coz there is just 'heading' being used in $my_meta->addImage('heading',array('name'=> 'Heading ')); so i am also using 'heading' only in $heading = get_tax_meta($term->term_id,'heading'); I think you are confusing it with tutorial for the meta boxes where prefix is being used..Any ways thanks – terminator Jan 13 '15 at 6:36

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