I'm looking to create individual archives for each category of my website, but want to them to break into weeks. Check out the linked image (can't embed images as a new user?):


I'm finding real difficulties here: 1) Breaking archives out weekly, 2) Adding the Date at the Top 3) Listing each post as a list item with some HTML in it…

Any help would be tremendously appreciated!

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<?php $args = array(
    'type'            => 'weekly',
    'limit'           => ,
    'format'          => 'html', 
    'before'          => ,
    'after'           => ,
    'show_post_count' => false,
    'echo'            => 1 ); ?>
<?php wp_get_archives( $args ); ?>

See this Codex article: wp_get_archives

  • check out the linked image. I think @Ben is looking to break up the posts by week, rather than just display links to weekly archives. Commented May 16, 2011 at 22:02

I use the filter widget_archives_dropdown_args to limit number of months in the default monthly archive widget - you can modify it to change the type to weekly.

function my_limit_archives( $args ) {    
    $args[ 'type' ] = 'weekly'; 
    return $args;

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