Just wondering if there is a way to get a complete list of wordpress generated css classes and ids that is always automatically assigned to any themes.

I've read here, but it seem not list them completely.

May be someone here can pointing me to what wordpress core file/s that is doing that?

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The list you are referring to was done start to mid 2013, which can be a bit outdated as the was major improvements/new feutures like

  • The TINYMCE editor undergone major modifications and upgrades as from version 3.9

  • Version 4 saw the introduction of new shortcodes like the video shortcode and audio playlist, just to name a few

  • In the back end plenty of new features saw the light

  • The introduction of new features/functions/template tags like pagination functions that came with version 4.1

So, in my opinion, there can never be a completed list of all the classes used in Wordpress by default. The best is, dig into core

Here are few places you can start (CAVEAT: This is not by any means a complete list, but just some of the major functions/etc. This list and references are for the current verion of Wordpress which is 4.1)

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