I'm using wpdb to develop a plugin to add a custom form to wordpress. To update a row, I use an array and wpdb->update(). WP Class Reference says:

My SQL code should be something like UPDATE ROW .... WHERE a='a' AND b!='c'.

The problem is that != doesn't seem to be working, in fact from WP Class Reference

A named array of WHERE clauses (in column => value pairs).

I need to connect to an external database and fetch data from that database so I can't use any of the available plugins.

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Here is exmaple code,You will change as per your requirement

    UPDATE $wpdb->posts 
    SET post_parent = 7
    WHERE ID = 15 
        AND post_status = 'static'
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    The problem being wpdb::query doesn't return affected rows like wpdb::update does.
    – rebroken
    Dec 14, 2015 at 9:25

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