I'm using the JSON Rest API plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/json-rest-api/). I have two custom taxonomies with one term each:

  1. Inner Part Categories
    • Eye
  2. Symptoms Categories (Man)
    • Broken Bone Single Fracture

I need to show posts that match both of these categories and terms. I've tried the following:


But this method only returns the posts under the last declared taxonomy and term. For example, if I switch the tax and term around as such:


It will then only show posts under the tax inner-part-categories and term Eye and ignore the first tax and term query.

I've been searching for hours and having found a solution.

I was also thinking maybe an array of sorts could be passed in the ajax data request, sort of how it's done in WP Query. I have the following code:

data: { filter: { 'posts_per_page': -1, 'post_status': 'publish', 'orderby': 'title', 'order': 'ASC' } },

Thanks for your help.

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Firstly, your problem with the last post type and/or term overwriting all previous is because 'filter' is a 2-dimensional array. Therefore 'taxonomy' (the key in this case) can only have one value. If that seems odd, read this super helpful page on the plugin's github that helped me a lot (read this)

tldr; term lists and multi-dimensional arrays are possible with WP JSON API! you would just do type[]=post_type1&type[]=post_type2 for custom post types! Try it.

So, with that in mind... you still can't do a multiple custom taxonomy query currently (as far as I can tell). Bummer, I know. My solution? Nest your second query within the success callback of the first, then concatenate the arrays and sort the final array.

  $scope.api + '/posts?type=eats&filter[taxonomy]=eats-categories&filter[term]=eats-video'
success(function(data, status, headers, config){
  $scope.posts = data;
      $scope.api + '/posts?type=shreds&filter[taxonomy]=shreds-categories&filter[term]=shreds-video'
    success(function(data_2, status, headers, config){
      $scope.posts = $scope.posts.concat( data_2 );
    error(function(data_2, status, headers, config){
        alert( 'video 2 widget query error' );
error(function(data, status, headers, config){
    alert( 'video widget query error' );

Note, this code is specific to my queries, but I tested it and it worked. I haven't written the sort function yet, but I'll either be sorting by the WordPress date field of the array values or using an angular filter to do something fun.

Edit: made a couple of changes for clarity.

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